Code Of Conduct For Students

a. Administration expects all students to be well behaved and well-disciplined during their studies at the Institute. Any contrary behavior is liable to disciplinary action which may result in fine, expulsion or rustication, depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence.
b. Being self-disciplined and punctual is highly appreciated.
c. All students must abide by the ideology of Minhaj ul Qur’an. Using abusive language or remarks for the administration/ higher authorities of the Institute or anyone else is strictly forbidden.
d. Sectarianism is totally banned. Everyone must not discuss about this issue.
e. All students are to uphold the highest values of academic integrity. Violations include and are not limited to: plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, and academic misconduct.
f. Dishonesty/ falsification of information are discouraged at all levels. Students will be considered in violation of “code of conduct” if they:-
(i) Lie or furnish false information at any stage.
(ii) Are aware of false information being furnished by others with the intent to deceive and do not correct that false information in a timely manner.
(iii) Withhold information pertinent to student misconduct.
(iv) Fabricate, alter, counterfeit or misuse any official documents or resources.
(v) Intentionally issue a bad cheque/payment or other financial instrument in order to remove a hold, register for classes or receive an official transcript or diploma.
(vi) Provide false information or fail to provide current information for the purpose of defrauding.
g. No student shall intentionally or negligently damage, attempt to damage, or participate in the damage of property belonging to or in the care of Al-A‘zamiyya‎ Institute and Minhaj ul Qur’an International.
h. Damage that is caused accidentally should be promptly reported to the Administration.
i. Students shall follow the dress code and avoid using mobile phones in the classes.
j. Students must make themselves conversant with detailed Al-A‘zamiyya‎ Institute rules and regulations for academics, discipline and hostel with the view to abide by these in letter and spirit. Violators shall be dealt with severe disciplinary action.