Rules & Regulations

Semester Rules
a. There shall be two regular semesters in an academic year. Moreover, one summer session of eight weeks duration can be planned on required basis.
b. Each semester will be of 16-18 working weeks (sixteen weeks for teaching, one week for conduct of examination and one week for finalization of result).
c. The contact hours during the Summer Semester will be doubled.
d. The teacher will provide a detailed course outline to the students within three days of the beginning of the semester and shall send a copy of the course outline and work plan to the Dean/ Principal.

Course Credit Hours
a. A credit hour means teaching/earning a theory course for one hour each week throughout the semester.
b. One credit hour in laboratory or practical work/project would require lab contact of three hours per week throughout the semester.

Withdrawal and Change of Courses
a. When a course, for which a student has been enrolled, cannot be offered according to the announced program, the student may take an alternative course. However this must be done not later than seven (7) days after the date of enrollment.
b. A student with the consent of concerned Dean/ HOD, may be allowed to:-
(1) Change a course within seven (7) days of commencement of a semester or
(2) Drop a course within five (5) weeks of the commencement of a semester.
c. Withdrawal from a course will be allowed latest by one week before the semester examination (i.e. by the end of 14th week) with the approval of the course Incharge and Dean/ HOD. Withdrawn course will appear on transcript with letter grade ‘W’ and will not be treated as ‘F’ grade.

Code of Examination
a. All students must submit the clearance form to Exam Office at least One Week prior to start of Exam. Failing to this will not be allowed to sit in the Exam.
b. Students having less than 75% attendance will not be allowed to sit for the Exam.
c. All dues must be cleared to appear in the Exam.
d. Students using unfair means in the Exam will be penalized as per policy.

BS Level
a. The teacher is responsible for the evaluation of work/ performance of the students of his/ her class and for the award of grades to them on the basis of such evaluation.
b. The weightage of Mid Term Exam is 25%, Assignment, Quizzes and Attendance is 25% (10%, 10%, and 5% respectively) and Final Term Exam is 50%.
c. BS-8 students will submit a research paper (Thesis) which carries 200 marks.
d. In case a student joins a course after it has started, he/ she will be responsible for any missed quizzes, assignments and lectures. The marks for missed quizzes will be considered zero; however, makeup assignments can be arranged in consultation with the teacher/ HOD.
e. There will be no Supplementary Exam in Semester System; if a student fails, he/ she have to repeat the course when it is offered.
f. The Mid Term Exam may be held after eight weeks from the start of semester.
g. The examinations shall be held on consecutive days excluding holidays which means that no gap shall be allowed between the papers.
h. Each course shall carry at least one assignment which shall be submitted to the concerned teacher.
i. The time limit for completion of BS[Hons] degree shall be ordinarily four years Program from the start of the first semester counted towards the degree but a student repeating the course shall be considered as a special casual student; the time limit for such a student will be extendable up to maximum of one year.
j. In case of genuine reason, a student may freeze his/ her studies maximum for one year subject to the permission of the Dean/ Principal. During the freezing period the applicant will lose his studentship and shall not be entitled to avail any facility being extended to regular students.

CGPA Required for Completion of UG and Graduate Degree
(i) To complete the degree, the minimum qualifying CGPA for BS is 2.00.
(ii) Whenever a BS student’s CGPA is less than 2.00, then he/ she will be placed on 1st probation for the next semester. Maximum two probations are allowed to come up to the desired minimum CGPA otherwise the student will be dropped from the Rolls of the Department.

Requirements for Award of Degrees

   BS Students

(i) A student must have a regular admission in the undergraduate program of the Department.
(ii) Should earn a minimum of 60 credit hours out of a total of 124–130 credit hours from the Department from where he will be entitled for the degree.

Fee Concession Rules

i. Sons of Teachers/staff: 100 % in Tuition and Hostel fee
ii. Two or more real brothers (the younger only): 50 % in Tuition fee
iii. Sons of members of IMQ: 10 % in Tuition fee.
iv. Students of Tafeez-ul-Quran: 50% in Tuition fee
v. Residents of Sindh, Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan: 50% in Tuition fee
d. Scholarships

   BS Students

a. Students will get concession during BS-1 semester on the basis of their performance in Intermediate Board Exam as under:-
(i) Position holders in Board Exam: 100 % in Tuition and Hostel Fee
(ii) On getting 90% and above marks: 100 % in Tuition Fee
(iii) On getting 85% and above marks: 75 % in Tuition Fee
(iv) On getting 80% and above marks: 50 % in Tuition Fee
b. From BS-2 to BS-8 only top position holders will get 50 % concession in Tuition Fee.

Admission Criteria

Category Qualification Age Limit
BS HSSC / Intermediate 18-22 years
* Minimum qualification is mentioned as above. In addition, the HEC admission criteria and rules & regulations will also be implemented.

Admission Conditions

i. Admission application will be accepted only on prescribed application form.
ii. Admission is granted on merit base after test/ interview.
iii. 2% admission will be granted on quota system for the distant areas of Gilgit Baltistan, Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK.
iv. Admission will be confirmed after deposit of all dues.
v. Relaxation in age limit can only be granted to genuine cases through an application.
vi. Hostel facility is given according to the availability of seats.

Additional Marks for Merit List

a. Additional marks will be added in merit result as under:-
(i) Hafiz-i-Quran: 15 Marks
(ii) Sports: 15 Marks
(iii) Arabic/ English Language 15 Marks
(iv) Staff IMQ/ Teachers’ Son 10 Marks
b. The applicants have to submit the relevant certificate to get the additional marks.

Documents to be submitted: –

i. Attested copy of Matric/ Intermediate/ BS certificate/ transcript.
ii. Character certificate of previous institution.
iii. Attested copy of B-Form/ CNIC of the candidate.
iv. Attested copy of CNIC of the father/ guardian.
v. Four colored pictures with white background.
vi. Original NOC from respective Board (Except Lahore Board).

Actions leading to Cancellation of Admission

i. Remains absent for six (6) days consecutively.
ii. Careless attitude towards specified timings of Assembly/ Classes/ Extracurricular Activities.
iii. Failing to deposit dues by specific date.
iv. Not taking interest in curricular and extracurricular activities.
v. Non-cooperation with Teachers and Administration.
vi. Using unfair means in Exams.
vii. Not abiding by the policy, rules and regulations of the institution.
viii. On cancellation of admission due to any reason Hostel Seat will be cancelled automatically.

Re- Admission

i. On suspension or cancellation of admission, a student has to put up an application to Principal Office for Re- enrollment/ Re- admission.
ii. Arrange meeting of parents/ guardian with the Principal.
iii. On suspension of admission, re- enrollment fee is Rs. 500/. If re-enrollment is not done on 4th day from the start of absentee, then student has to pay Rs.100 per day along with re-enrollment fee Rs. 500.
iv. On cancellation of admission, re- admission fee is Rs. 1000/. If re-admission is not done on 7th day from the start of absentee, then a student has to pay Rs.100 per day along with re-admission fee Rs. 1000.

Attendance/ Leave policy
i. Attendance
A. Attendance in morning Assembly is mandatory for all students.
B. Students falling sick have to report to their class Incharge.
C. A student must have attended at least 80% of the classes held in a course in order to be allowed to sit in the final examination.
D. A student having less than 80% attendance but more than 75% in a particular course, making up the deficiency in consultation with the concerned teacher, may be allowed by the Institute Council.
E. Students having class attendance less than 75% in particular course will be required to repeat the course when it is offered again.
F. A fine of Rs.50/ for Absentee/ Late in morning Assembly and Rs.20/ for Absentee/ Late in one period during classes will be imposed.

Duty/ Urgent Work Leave
A. Leave application will be submitted on the prescribed form only.
B. Duty leave can only be granted for official duty or when a student has to appear in some specific examination. This leave has to be approved in advance after producing supported documents (date sheet, etc.).
C. For urgent work/ death of close relative, students have to get the leave approved from respective class Incharge/ Principal Office in advance.
D. Urgent work leave up to three days will be approved by class Incharge.
E. Beyond three days, urgent work leave will be sanctioned by the Principal on the recommendation of class Incharge.
F. Leave is not granted before or after the Exam, vacations and Itikaf training camp. Absent students will be fined Rs.500/- per day.

Medical Leave
A. If a student falls sick while staying in the Hostel, he has to inform his class Incharge for reporting sick.
B. If any student falls severely sick while at home, his parents have to inform his class Incharge immediately.
C. After recovery, a student has to report to his class Incharge without wastage of time and apply for medical leave supported with test reports/ medical documents (having advice of Specialist for bed rest) within three days of return to college.
D. Late applications will not be accepted. Moreover, medical leave will only be granted if a student informs his class Incharge before leaving the class/college for medical treatment.
E. If any student falls short of 75 % attendance, maximum 10 % can be adjusted as medical leave which means any student with less than 65 % attendance cannot qualify to sit in the final examination even if his medical application is approved. However, cases of severe illness may be given additional waver by College Council according to the Board/ HEC policy.