Hostel Faclities

Students admitted to Al-A‘zamiyya‎ Institute for study may avail the Hostel facility which offers a peaceful and knowledge friendly atmosphere. Students are expected to display good standard of behavior in line with the teachings of Islam.
Things to do and not to do are explained below. Students not abiding by these are liable for strict disciplinary action leading to expulsion from the Hostel.


1) Offering five times prayers along with Tahajjud in the mosque is mandatory.
2) Fast for three days a month (Ayam-i-Beaz: 13th, 14th &15th of Islamic Month).
3) Take part in weekly “Mehfil-e- ZikroFiker” and monthly “Mehfil-e- Khatm-us-Salat Alun-Nabi PBUH”.
4) Must attend the study period as per schedule.
5) Ensure to get permission from Hostel Warden, if a student intends to stay away from the hostel, even if it is just for one (1) night.
6) Keep the bed sheet, pillow and room clean/tidy at all times.
7) Safeguard the property of the institution and Minhaj-ul-Qur’an International.
8) Switch OFF all fans, lights & electrical appliances when leaving the room.
9) Observe the lights OFF timings at night which is 11 PM.
10) Beds are provided in all bedrooms & students are to bring their own pillows, bed sheets, blankets, towels, study lights, etc.
11) Beds must be covered with neat and clean bed sheet at all times.
12) Students are solely responsible for the safety of their own valuables. All bedroom, doors and cupboards should be locked when the students are not inside the room.
13) Must consider the comfort level of other colleagues in the room at all times.
14) Must report to Hostel Warden/ Administration if something wrong/contrary to rules is observed in the room/hostel.
15) The hostel fee must be paid by the 15th of every month. Failure to comply within 2 weeks after due date will result in EVICTION from the hostel.


1) Stay in the Hostel room during class timings.
2) Conduct a private eLearning class from the room.
3) Lodge a guest (Father or Brother only) in the Hostel for 1-2 days without prior permission of the Administration.
4) Must not leave the Hotel premises after specified timings; if extremely necessary, get the permission from Hostel Warden.
5) Should not change room or sleep anywhere other than own room without the consent of the Hostel Warden.
6) Indulge in quarrels or physical violence with any fellow student or any person within the hostel premises.
7) Cause embarrassment; unsolicited compliment regarding a person’s figure, dressing, make-up; spreading false rumors with a view to tarnishing other’s reputation.
8) Arrange parties / other social gatherings in the hostel without prior consent of the Administrator/Hostel Warden.
9) Be in possession and / or dissemination of pornographic material (hard / soft copies).
10) Be in possession of weapon(s) or any items considered dangerous which can be used to cause injuries / bodily harm.
11) Smoke in the hostel complex / campus area at any time.
12) Be in possession and / or consumption of alcoholic beverage/drugs.
13) Cook in the room.
14) Use candles & other flammable materials in the rooms.
15) Intentionally or unintentionally act causing damage to the property of Al-A‘zamiyya‎ Institute.
16) Climb over the fence or wall to get in / out of the Hostel.
17) Discuss sectarian/controversial religious issues that may lead to ugly situation.
18) Wear dress in violation of dress code/religious stipulation.
19) Possess valuable items / large amounts of cash in the Hostel.
20) Paste posters, notes / pictures on the walls.
21) Drive nails, pins / screws in the walls or doors of the rooms.
22) Hang clothes on the banisters outside the rooms / on the window railings inside the room. Clothes found hanging in these places will be confiscated & disposed accordingly.
23) Keep following items:
   a) Hot Plate/ Electric Heater
   b) Microwave
   c) Home Theatre System
   d) Washing Machine
   e) Exercise Machine
   f) Music Instrument – Piano / Organ / Drums