BS English

BS English program desires to equip the prospective teachers with the learning skills required to lead and learn the global educational scenario but also with Islamic ideology and values for a holistic development of their students. The main purpose of this course is to guide students in their first year of learning and impart to them basic study skills. It is structured with the view to enable them to take immediate control of their learning. The course will enable students to devise and follow “study systems” and equip them with the ability to think critically and adopt effective learning strategies. With the help of various study techniques and styles and other available resources, the students will be able to improve their academic performance.

Course Objectives

  • To help students learn basic self-management and study skills
  • To enable them to use a combination of skills to maximize chances of success
  • To make them become confident and successful in all the learning environment

Program Details

Duration: 4 Years (8 semesters)

Admission Criteria

As per rules & regulations specified by the regulatory body 12 years of education or equivalent with 50% marks or equivalent.

Scheme of Studies

Semester Name of Subject Credit Hours
First ENG-321 Functional English 3
  PST-321 Pakistan Studies 2
  CSI-321 Introduction to Computing Applications   3
  ENG-303 Introduction to Literary Studies   3
  ENG-309 Prose   3
  PSY-321 Introduction to Psychology   3
  ISL-311 Translation of The Holy Quran –I · 1
Second ENG-322 English Comprehension and Composition 3
  ISL-321 Islamic Studies OR 2
  ISL-322 Ethics (For Non-Muslim only)   2
  ENG-304 Classical Poetry   3
  ENG-306 History of English Literature   3
  ENG-308 Greek and Elizabethan Drama   3
  ENG-310 Introduction to Philosophy · 3
Third ENG-421 Communication Skills 3
  STA-321 Introduction to Statistical Theory 3
  ENG-403 Introduction to Linguistics 3
  ENG-405 Novel (I) 3
  ENG-407 Romantic Poetry   3
  POL-304 Gender and Human Rights   3
Fourth ENG-402 Advanced Academic Reading and Writing   3
  ENG-404 Literary Stylistics   3
  ENG-406 Literary Criticism - I   3
  ENG-408 American Literature - I   3
  ENG-412 Victorian Novel   3
  ENG-410 Short Stories   3
Fifth ENG-501 Modern Poetry   3
  ENG-503 Literary Essays   3
  ENG-505 Literary Criticism -II   3
  ENG-507 Pakistani Literature in English -I   3
  ENG-509 American Literature -II   3
  ENG-511 Modern Novel   3
  ISL-511 Translation of The Holy Quran -III 1